Monday, May 3, 2010

Special Package for Mothers day :)

Give mom a scent-sational treat this Mother's Day of bath and body care products formulated with the finest pure plant and vegetable essential oils, and free from animal fats.

Special package for mom~

Package A : Fruity Delight Duo
Apple Cinnamon & Mangosteen handmade soap (100g each) wrapped in beautiful and reusable paper gift box

Package B : Spring Fresh
Sesame Scrub & Green Seaweed handmade soap (100g each) wrapped in beautiful and reusable paper gift box

Normal Price: RM35
Mothers day offer: RM30 only! (save 15%)


Mangosteen (山竹)

Pamper your body with mangosteen extract soap while the rich lather helps make your skin smooth and soft. Mangosteen are known for containing powerful antioxidants for a healthier body.

Apple Cinnamon (苹果桂皮)
Yum! The lovely scent of apple and cinnamon stimulates and relaxes your senses as well as makes you smell deliciously clean all day long. The cinnamon essential oils also relive pain and migraines.

Sesame Scrub (芝麻磨砂)

A mild sesame scrab bar with a cooling essential oil blend, great for all skin types. Sesame oil helps in eczema, psoriasis and prematurely aging skin, keeping skein supple and soft.
温和的芝麻磨砂手工皂含有清爽的精油非常适合各类型的肌肤。 芝麻油能减轻湿疹、牛皮藓和预防肌肤提早老化,是肌肤保持柔嫩。

Seaweed/Green Seaweed (海藻)

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, seaweed helps smoothen and refine all skin types. Seaweed is known for improving blood circulation and reducing oiliness. This soap also has a touch of mint in its essential oil blend.


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  1. Those are so cute. i would wanna buy gift sets for my mom and dad. . . do you have any for men?